The Wonderland Trail: A rugged 95 mile loop around Mt Rainier, Washington State.

Why Allison?

“I wasn’t thrilled about running it alone, but I wasn’t sure I could convince anyone to do this crazy thing with me. Allison Macsas would be an ideal partner, I thought, but she seems to perpetually be between training for the Olympic marathon trials or managing her company, Rogue Expeditions, which takes runners on amazing trips across the world. Fortunately for me, she is a “yes” person who craves adventure and new challenges (and doesn’t fear a packed schedule), so we made a very tentative plan to go check out the Wonderland Trail together.” -Mallory Brooks

Why the Wonderland Trail?

“It scares me, and therefore I have to do it. I’ve completed a few ultra-distance runs, and that’s pretty much the extent of my trail running experience. With each of those runs as with this, I agreed to do it without thinking too much and then figured out how to do it after the fact. I struggle with both technical footing and descents and am terrified of running into a bear in the middle of the night, but this forces me to prepare for and then face all of those situations – I’m not content with spending life inside my comfort zone.” -Allison Macsas